Six things that will change your life in the future


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Life is changing and this is happening because the future can't wait. If we consider the changes that we have seen in the last 25 years, we will understand immediately the massive changes that are coming and are ready to knock on our door. If we make a flashback to 1995 we see that is a huge chapter for the rest of our life. The early internet was appearing and the people couldn't imagine what it was for and why they needed it. Years later we can't imagine ourselves without the internet even for an hour. Examples like the internet we will be able to see by the next few years. Things that people were laughing about, will be real and humanity will change again. Space tourism, VR, drone taxis and Hyperloop are just a few examples of the subjects that this article will try to unfold.


Hyperloop is a new way of transportation. It's a sealed tube system with low air pressure through which a pod may travel substantially free of air resistance. Hyperloop uses hypersonic speed to accelerate and arrive at its destination faster than airplanes or speed trains. The vehicle can run up 1200 km per hour and as you realize it will be very competitive to the airplanes and many people will choose this because of the stress of being on air.


Drone taxis

Drone technology was created for military reasons at the beginning but later this high tech object became available to the public and even kids use it as a toy. Many companies are already developing the drone taxi project and they are making thousands of tests to achieve the goal of secure transport vehicles. This kind of transportation will definitely move us to the future since we were enjoying this technology only in our dreams or to the science fiction movies and cartoons. The traffic issue will be incredibly better on the streets and the clients of these taxis will have a faster option to move to their destination



Everybody knows Augment Reality and this is very pleasant at the moment since we can enjoy games or maybe some movies but we are very close to having a “real” virtual reality technology in our hands. VR will be great to have at work! Moving your hands and producing a project will be the next level for humanity. This high tech technology will make everything simple, computers with the current form will be something from the past and small devices will replace them and will be easy to use everywhere and anywhere.

3d printing

May 3d printing is already here but not in the way that we are gonna use it in the future. In the near future, 3D printing will have many innovative appliances like food! Yes, people will be able to use 3d printers to print their meals. Specially designed machines will be able to transform thin layers of vegetables and meat to a unique shape of food of your choice. 3D printing will also save lives! Scientists have already applied this technology to the most important field which is health. People will be lucky to have a 3d printed organ in the future and the unpleasant situation of waiting for a donation will be past.


Human relationships

This topic is almost the only one from the list on this article that we can have an idea regarding how it will expand or change in the future because already many innovative technologies are applied in this field. Technologies that are coming from the future are already here and coopz combines many of them on the latest version. coopz is the favourite app of a thousand people because this app never stopped developing new ideas and concepts. Well developed features like location notifications and matching algorithms are just a few from the whole feature packet that makes every user feel that is closer to the future. Maybe in the near future we will see coopz AR or something extremely new but this will not be a surprise anymore if we spoil you. You and all the other coopzers should be prepared for this journey that will boost all your senses and maximise your experience on human relationships.


Space tourism

The children and the majority of the adults were always dreaming of traveling to Space. In a few years humanity will be ready to welcome space tourism and this will change the world forever.Companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Amazon's Blue Origin are already offering the option to book a flight to space. At the beginning like the most of innovative projects will be very expensive but the price will decrease slightly and probably will follow the example of the aeroplanes which were only for rich people in the past but now people can travel even with a price of a dollar!

For some fields the future is already here, for some the future is in progress and for others we don't have any idea about how it will be or what to expect. One thing is sure, coopz as always try to predict the future and you have the luck to use an app from the future on the present time.

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