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Frederik Ventzke

CEO & Founder

May we introduce ourselves?

We are coopz. A team of enthusiastic thinkers, creators and software developers who have founded their own startup and spent a lot of time developing their vision in recent years. Due to the many findings from the project work for other companies, we have gathered a lot of input to finally develop their own product. A product that we can control 100%.

In these articles, we want to tell you our story, our failures, our achievements, and above all, our learnings from all the countless insights we've made in the course of our journey so far. coopz is an app for meeting new people based on interests and locations. With coopz, you get push messages when your friends or peers are around. coopz is available in the Play Store and the App Store and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Our story started more than 3 years ago. It was a balmy afternoon in late summer. We sat in a beer garden and thought about developing their own app. We asked ourselves, what users would find interesting and quickly came to the realization that friends are always asking themselves a question: Which of my friends is currently in my circle? With whom can I meet quickly to do something?

After evaluating the theme for our app relatively quickly, we started looking for suitable names. That was the birth of coopz - Connecting you. coopz comes in the case of cooperations.

What were the first steps?

Creative and energetic, we went straight to developing a first prototype, packed with many features that were not necessary. But more on that later. After a few weeks and countless wireframes, the first click dummy was developed. After a few user tests and initial feedback, we have adapted the prototype again and again and changed functions. Based on the prototype, we started designing the app design and slowly gave coopz a face. The first designs were far from what was finally developed. However, we enjoy trying things out and going through the process fully. Easy to see how the product evolves and continually optimizes.

Thus, after several months of development and various test rounds, the first version of coopz was created as a mobile app. The complexity of the development was essentially in these points:

How do we manage not to put too much strain on the battery of the smartphone, even if we work with regular updates of the location information?

With which technology do we receive regular site updates?

How do we optimize the accuracy of virtual check-ins (person A meets person B, a push message should be sent directly)

How do we keep the user interface clean, even though there are many settings and features?

And then?

Currently we are working hard on interface improvements, performance optimizations and integrating new features to make coopz even more interesting for users. Over the last few months, we've developed into a social app that connects users based on locations and common interests. We do not want to be a dating app! We want to create long-term connections.

Currently we are working on cool features like a Interest Matching Filter or a new OnBoarding track. At the same time, the UI is touched again and again to make it look even more modern.

What do you say to coopz?

We would be very happy if you accompany us on our journey, download coopz and just play around. Feedback and suggestions for improvement can be sent to

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