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Cumbersome descriptions and a long wait for an answer are over! On the coopz radar you can easily find out how far away your friends and family members are.

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We facilitate communication

1. You have a date with a friend, but do not know where he is right now?

2. You need to invest time to get an answer and ask again if necessary.

3. Your child is on the way to school and you want to make sure that it arrives safely.

4. You want to quickly see if your friends are already on favorite places?

Our core functions

Radar & distances
On the coopz radar you can see with distances who is near you. Your exact position is visible only after approval.

Location sharing
Share your exact location with friends or family members for different times. You decide who sees you.

Alerts & Locations
Receive automatic notifications as soon as people are near you or enter a specific location.

Friends & Family
Chat with friends or discover who shares your interests. Decide yourself for whom you want to be visible.

Not a pure friend finder, not a pure location sharing and no pure chat app.

coopz is your all-in-one solution.

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(on App Store 2019)