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coopz team is proud to deliver to our community the new notification center. This is a project that our team worked on for many months now and this feature was created to increase the update level of every user. The existence of this feature is clearly to bring on coopzers the keys of their own (control room). Every user from now on will define the level of approximation and the frequency of the push notifications according to his needs and the daily mood. Once a new user lands on the radar page, a pop up window will appear and several setting options will be available. These options were implemented to determine from whom a user wants to receive messages and regarding which action the user wants to receive push notifications.


Define from whom you will receive messages

Lets start and see what the new notification center provides step by step. The new notification center beside the pop up appearance after a registration, continues to exist on “My Profile” page and more specifically is the fourth option on the settings section.

After a tap from the user a pop up window slides from the bottom until the middle of the page and the system asks the user about “who can text him”. Directly the user is able to see two options. The first option is “All” and the second option is “Only people that I've liked”. In case that a user selects the option “All” then the user directly sets his position to a very open strategy because he will be able to receive messages from every user. On the other hand if the user pick the option “Only people that I've liked”, it is obvious that the user instantly decrease the amount of the people that can text to him because only people that he liked in the past will have the privilege to reach him via a chat communication,


Personalise the push notifications according to your needs

By the next page the user finds several new options which are related to the push notifications that a coopzer will receive after some actions. First option is to enable or not the possibility to receive a new push notification for every single new message that a user receives. This is an important option especially for people that are very active on chat and in most cases if the notifications are too many, may be will be difficult for someone to focus. As a second option is to receive a new push notification every time that a user favors me. Many users want to know directly which person favourite them and this option was created for them!

Following is the option of getting a push notification after every like that receive a photo or an Interest or a location of users detailed profile page. Another important option because the user will be notified for the core actions of the app. Next is the option to receive or not push notification after every visit on my created location.That means that after every coopzer visits my location, I will get a push notification in order to be all the time updated and don't miss any entry.

Another option that is available by the new notification center is to receive push notification after every single registration (new coopzer!) in your area. This is also a very interesting option because you will directly be notified and know the presence of a new registered user! Last but not least is the option to receive notifications if a favourite is online. That means that every time that one of your favourite coopzers turns online you will be noticed and you will not miss a contact with him or her again


Confirm your settings

To the third and last page you will find a nice design with your name and the button “close” in order to leave and save your preferences at the same time.

The new notification center is now available on playstore with the new version. Every user has the power to define all these important settings and we will be happy to receive feedback from your experience at See you soon coopzers!

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