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What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is defined as a finite series of actions, strictly defined and executable in finite time, aimed at solving a problem. More simply (algorithm) we call a series of commands that have a beginning and an end, are clear and are intended to solve a problem

The word algorithm comes from a dissertation of the Persian mathematician Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, which contained systematic standardized solutions to algebraic problems and is perhaps the first complete treatise on algebra. Thus the word algorithm was slowly introduced over the next thousand years with the concept of "systematic process of numerical manipulations". Its current importance is due to the rapid development of computers in the mid-20th century. The concept of the algorithm is more easily understood with the following example. If one wants to dine one has to perform some specific steps: to gather the ingredients, to prepare the cooking utensils, to prepare the food, to set the table, to prepare the salad, to dine, to clean the table and to wash the dishes. dishes. Obviously, the previous sequence leads to the desired result. However, it is not the only one to achieve the goal, since the order of the steps can be changed (eg to prepare the salad first and then to lay the table). However, the point is that splitting a complex task into discrete steps that are performed sequentially is the most practical way to solve many problems.

What is a matching indicator?

While a coopzer using the app you will notice that there is a matching indicator to the bottom space of the users profile picture. This number exists to show about how much percentage you are matching to this specific user. The percentage is calculated as we mentioned above from an algorithm which uses many values that are part of you and all together providing the magic number that will show to other users the matching score.

Which kind of values does the coopz algorithm use?

The coopz algorithm is very complex but we could try to make a much simpler can be in order to give you an idea on what we are matching between you and another user. During the registration process the user creates his profile by selecting some values among the others. The main values that shaping every profile are the below

1) Gender

2) Interests

3) Looking for

4) General characteristics

5) Height

6) Age

Below you will have the chance to read in detail about how these values are participating in the calculations and why these values are selected as the most important among others.


The gender is a very important value, the user is able to select between three choices (male, female, other) and according to his selection, the algorithm will execute many calculations in order to find the best matching result.


During the registration the user has to select some Interests among many of them. Interests is one of the most important parts of the coopz algorithm because it shows what you are interested in and the algorithm will search among thousands of people to find common interests that will make you happy to discuss with the matching users.

Looking for

What are you looking for on this app? The answer to this question is extremely important for our algorithm calculation. By adding this parameter to the calculation the chances for a great matching are rapidly increasing-. The looking of selection are the main reason that you use coopz and coopzers are always paying attention on this section

General characteristics

During the registration process or later also the user can pick some of the general characteristics options that the system provides. Once the user decides which of these values are representing him more then the profile is almost ready Characteristics like smoking , alcohol, languages, if someone want family are just a few amazon the numerous option that the user has to communicate to the rest of the coopz community in order to present and introduce himself.


Height is a parameter that in the history of humanity always was important. Short or tall everyone has different criteria and for sure there are plenty of options. So coopz couldn't leave this value out of the calculation and all the coopzer will know from now on that the percentage indicator will include always the height parameter


It is time for the last but not at all the least value of this algorithm, the age. Age is a significant value that matters and is being discussed since ages now. Books and philosophical discussions have as main subject the age. Love doesn't have any specific requirements on age difference but we tried to include to our algorithm this parameter in the best way that could use it.

The more values, the more complex and successful algorithm

This algorithm as you understand is using many parameters in order to deliver to you the best matching results that you could imagine. The coopz team works very hard to bring to you new and efficient ways for matching. That was an article to give you an idea about how your matching results are calculated.

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