What are the most efficient marketing strategies for mobile apps?


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Every day the google play store receives a massive number of thousand requests regarding new applications which want to enter this market. The competition in 20s is and will be even higher. The project of an application creation becomes easier regarding the creation but at same time becomes harder to be successful because of the huge amount of the competitors.

If you want to be successful with your mobile (dating) app then you should prepare well before you publish. Your app should be better in all conditions from the average competitors product in order to survive the first months. It is sure that at the beginning your app will probably be almost invisible on play store but this should not scare you. All the apps starting from the same start “the bottom” but if you will manage your product well , then you will start to see the “light from the top”. Let's check some of the basic steps that every owner of an app should follow at least at the beginning of this journey


Focus on your target group

Every application owner should check first his application identity. He has to know for sure on which category belongs his creation. This is very important because you need this in order to understand about which group of users you made for. Understanding to which target group your app belongs can help you to go on with research regarding the app competitors.

By the beginning of play store entry, you will identify and realize that there is a huge number of apps that have almost the same concept exactly like yours. To avoid a bad comparison you should first check how many of these are successful , how many are not and check why this is happening in both cases. Every app looks similar with another of the same category but details making the difference and in order to get more into these details you should download and understand which parts are good and which are not from the other apps because this will help you to improve the development of your app and will make you to jump over negative situations and reviews to the future.


Website of the app

A website is very important for your app. The main page is something that you need to do in order to exist on google searches and get new users. Having a modern website will send the right message to new users which will have the opportunity to check details of your app and make them understand how to use it and what they can win by having it installed in their device. It is sure that you have to keep subpages in your website depending on the topics that your app is applied in. Also a very critical subject that you need to display is the reviews! The positive review is always a point that the user directly searches in order to be convinced that the app is trustful and provides the services that promise or mention. Last but not least is the blog articles that you should keep every week your blog are updated with new articles.

This process will help you via the SEO texts to boost your site google ranking and eventually will help you to climb to the first page of the related application category



Influencers is a big part of marketing these days. Famous social platforms like instagram, becoming stage for advertisement of a world scene. Popular people of all kinds of jobs are having accounts on social media and of course they try to get money from these. It is so efficient this type of advertisement because every famous person has thousands of millions of followers who are ready to buy or test what their idol suggests or just use. This kind of marketing is also very efficient because it is for every pocket! Depending on the count of the followers, you pay more or less. So if for example you don't have enough budget (because you are at the beginning of your career) then you will choose a less famous person which will have some followers, enough to attract your first clients and make your investment valuable. The most important thing for you is not just to choose a famous or extreme famous person, the most important is to choose the right person for that!

For example you should choose for a social app a person that may be famous for flirting or is famous regarding his use of flirt applications. Last but not least is to check the age range of the followers. Age is a very important variety on what you invest. E.g you should choose an influencer with an age range between 20 to 40 for a flirting app instead of finding an influencer that has an over 50 year old age range followers group.


App Store Optimization (ASO)

Last but not least on this article is the app store page of your application. Your page is a very important area in order to attract many users and convince them to download your app. If you will do a little research you will understand that to every page there are some main points that can elevate or push to the bottom of popularity of your app.

App description is one of these main points, in order to convince the users about the power of the app. The description must be well described and accurate regarding the features and the function of the app. Another main point is the screens and the videos that you will use on the page. These screens must be designed for attracting users and create the desire to download the app immediately. Lastly you have to keep in mind and inform your community to update what's included. This will keep informed all the users regarding the new features, new function or bug fixing.

An app needs very careful strategy marketing. In this article some of the main points regarding the strategies that should follow any app owner. coopz followed and following many of the above points but keep in mind that your favourite app and any app in the world is successful firstly and mainly because it is a great product and then secondly because it has a great marketing strategie.coopz.

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