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New version, new features are coming. We as coopz team never stop to think how we will make new innovative changes and we will work hard to implement new features according to your needs. We are very happy to present you new upcoming features that will make your life easier and more effective. In this article you will read regarding our upcoming features which will be available by the next two versions. The new features are coming to complete even more the coppz feature “puzzle” and it is sure that these new entries are produced over many hours of work and research. Below you will be able to take a look at a more detailed view to the features of “User suggestions” “New user indicator” “ “Box and list view” and “Comments on pictures, questions and answers and general characteristics”.

User suggestions is always helpful

This feature has been created to offer to you quick matchings according to common interests, general characteristics and looking for selections. Our data analyst team identified that our users could have even better matching results in case that a new and complex algorithm which combines many varieties could be applicable on coopz. It is sure that this smart algorithm will bring to you suggestions that you missed to see to the radar list overview and it is 100% sure that the matching success will make you very happy and ready for the next step which is to contact them.


New indicator is a puzzle that you needed

The new indicator has been implemented to notify you which are the new entries. From now on coopz users that recently registered will have the word “new” above the profile pic on the radar lists and this will be the hint for you to identify which user is newbie. This process will make your life easier because while you make your daily quick scroll down over the list , you will check very fast if there are new users around you.


Box and list view switch is expanding your options

The most important content of the app is on radar lists and this is the section that the most of the people remain for the most of the time. In order to make you fill on this section even more comfortable, we implemented the box view! A box view is another way of observing the users, on this way the users will be the one next to the other and this can give to you a different “angle “ of the user lists oververview. A switcher is here and this will make your life easier in order to define anytime which view is better for you: the list or the box. A box view is very popular these days and is sure that many of you will use it every day to have a better feeling of which users are around you and which may match with you.


Comment profile pictures, Interests and questions and answers is a request of thousands of users

Every person has the natural feeling to comment on almost anything he or she watches. Especially on a flirt app this is one of the main ingredients. It is sure that many of you used the app but it was not enough for you to just watch a picture or read a message or even more just check the interests of another user. That's the reason that we brought into the game the option of comment! A brand new way to contact people and the right way to express your feelings regarding the main sections of the profile page. From now on the users will have the option to comment pictures of other users and directly this will appear to the chat, The same will happen with the questions and answers which makes more interactive the flirt game that is happening and the user can react in another way and more specific to the other users. Interests are also included in the great update and you will also have the unique experience to comment on some of the interesting parts of the user that you are about to contact..


We as coopz team we promise that we will always read your reviews and learn and innovate by your needs and demands. Our product is an application that cares about the users and it is sure that on the feature many updates will follow and the target is always to be one step further than the rest applications and make you feel happy and comfortable.

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