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coopz app is the dating and friends app that thousands of people use daily to increase their chances of being popular or just to expand their friends circle or even better to find big love. text The registration process is the way to build an interesting profile and start with a big boost your journey to this magic experience.

Why is the registration process so important?

The registration process is so important because every step is designed to be a small but important piece of your profile puzzle. For a more detailed explanation get ready and let's go step by step through the process on the text that follows.

Username and Profession

The first step is maybe easier but it is also very important. The user after installing coopz and opening it, he is facing the username and hobby- profession fields. Username is like your id is the name that you will be known to the coopz community, so be as real and accurate as you can because this will be your showcase. The profession and hobby is also an important field because it is a detail that quickly another user can understand many things about you


Verification Code

Next is the email field which you need to insert your valid email address and must be valid because we will send to you the verification code which is needed for the next page which is the verification code page. On the code page you have to input the code that we sent you and this will allow it to be moved to the next page which is the set password page.



The password page is the area that will set up your password which will give you access every time that you try to sign in. The password is personal and should not share this to nobody.


Age, Gender and Height

The next step is the time to be more detailed about who you are. On this page you will be able to set your gender, your age and your height. All the three fields are very required in order to give a better image of yourself to the rest of the coopz community.


General characteristics

It is the time to dive more into your personality and express a bit more who you are. In continuation of step 4, the general characteristics section becomes more accurate. So now you have to answer a question regarding if you drink alcohol or you smoke or if you have kids or if you have family plans. The general characteristics will be a hint for coopz users , once this great personal information someone will have access only by buying the premium coopz package.


Profile photos

Now it is time to welcome you to the highest priority steps. On this page you can assign profile pictures. So these photos should be the most interesting and nice that you can capture. Prepare the photos and boom! You are now ready to assign up to 6! personal pictures. During the upload process you can crop and adjust the photo in order to display the best part of the photo.


Create Location

Create location! you are ready to create your first location. Once you click to the button “ create location” you will be transferred to the map page on which you will search on the map for your favorite place ( bar, restaurant, park ..) and after you save your selection, this will be a public hashtag and this will be your first try to make a popular hashtag on which you will start to receive likes and later entry notifications.



This page is a core part of the algorithm which we use to make your life easier! On this stage you have to select your Interests! We have 18 questions and plenty of options to select and communicate to the rest of coopz community which interests belong to you and of course the user matches will include common Interests with you.


What are you looking for?

Last but not least is the page of the most critical question “ What are you looking for? “ On this page you will define if you are looking for activity partners or dating or just a friend. By defining what you are looking for, you will get the correspon results on the first landing to the radar page.


Registration complete!

This was the registration process guide and now you are well prepared to start your registration and by following the instructions you will assembly the perfect profile which will drive to the best matches.

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