Can you have a relaxing summer vacation despite the coronavirus?


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Summer vacation is the dream that every person is waiting for every year. All the people in the world have stories about summer experiences in single, couple or family mode. As every year, summer is here and all the citizens of this planet are preparing for vacation and new chapters on their life. But this season is special, this season we have a new entry on our life which is called coronavirus.

How special is this summer?

The corona summer will be interesting. Fear, unknown, in combination with the natural instinct for vacation creates a mix that we never seen again in modern history. There are many restrictions that are taking place over the transports globally. The European Union has a list of countries that accepts tourists and this list is updated every fifteen days. Also inside the European Union because of the fear of the virus the most airlines companies have reduced the number of flights and some companies are taking measurements for distance even in the aircraft.

Recent tourist top destinations like Italy are having a big problem since it is a place that will work this year with italian tourists and not with the rest of the world that usually visits millions of people. In Germany the situation currently is stable and maybe is the first time after many years that the people will take vacation in the country since they don't feel safe to travel out of the borders.

Also since the hotels are struggling to attract visitors because of the pandemic the people are acquiring an old style of vacation which has become very popular on our days and this is the camping. Camping places are very popular since the people feel free from the four walls and getting close to nature they think that corona is a bad dream. But stay updated even to the camping places the number of the allowed people to stay is very few because of the distance restrictions, so you have to book your place earlier that you can. Also the camping stuff should clean all the public bathrooms after every person visits them.


Distance on the beach?

In Greece recently the government announced that even to the beach, the people should be in distance when it is not a family or a couple. The beach bars should place the umbrellas and the seats at least 2.5 meter away from each other and the people should avoid going all together to the bar.

Does coronavirus affect transportation?

Airplanes, ships, buses and car rentals all have rules that all the tourists should follow. At the airplanes the tourists should wear a mask from the airport entry during the flight and remove the mask after the exit of the arrival airport. At the ships currently countries like Greece have taken measurements to set a limit of passengers to every ship in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Busses and rental cars have also some restrictions, on busses the passengers should wear masks and as for the rental cars the clients should try to rent only by companies that follow the clean rules according to the government in order to provide a free virus car to every tourist.


How Social apps can be the solution on this special summer?

As this summer is in progress and the people don't know how to react in personal contacts with other people, the social app coopz seems to bring a solution on this big issue. Tourists in many cases are traveling to enjoy nature but also to meet new friends or to find a summertime love. On this subject the social apps and especially coopz is coming to feel the gap of the distance that people should keep according to the european Union rules.

coopz has many ways to keep your summertime romance alive. Firstly even in your vacation you can be popular and create or like a new location hashtag and that will bring you directly to the center of the parties or generally close to people that you would like to have time with. Locations are a useful tool that will be greatly combined with common interests in vacation while you search for someone to flirt or just to have company. Secondly on summertime the people are in a more relaxed mood and you have to grab the advantage and send likes to people that are currently around you. coopz will help you with the filter to make the right matches so you don't need to spend much time to find who is interesting for you and the options of the filter (Interest, ages, gender) will make the matches so accurate that you won't believe that is true!

Finally coopz will give the opportunity to stay at the “game” during the coronavirus summer even if you don't move from your home! Your favourite app is a digital world that continues to keep you on fire even if you could not have the option to go for vacation because many people will be in the same condition as you. So you will be able to identify by adjusting the range bar on the radar page and at same time the system will promote you under the section user suggestion in many profile pages.

As you understand coopz is here for you during the summertime in all scenarios (go for vacation and not). The only thing to do is to grab the opportunity and use coopz as much as you can and don't forget to fill your profile page 100% because this will bring you to the highest promotion level.


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