Thats how the second quarantine will be easier than the first


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Quarantine is back. The coronavirus unfortunately is currently on a second wave and the entire planet is praying for the new vaccine. The second wave is currently running but we are not surprised by this situation. Some months ago humanity was already living with a quarantine and the people now are more prepared about how they will handle the psychological issue. But how many differences exist between the first and the second lockdown? Do we need to make something different this time? Why is coopz again your best friend during the quarantine? Let's take a more detailed look at the following text that is trying to answer the questions above.

What does it mean a second lockdown?

Unfortunately we are currently on a second general lockdown and that is happening because on summertime everyone was more relaxed and we didn't be so careful with our moves and trips. Almost nobody was under the government's restrictions and to the seaside nothing was looking like the quarantine and the stressed people of the corona virus threat. Maybe this worked psychologically because the people were forced to the limits the past months but now it is time to “pay” our debt of freedom. Starting from September the virus spread is huge and this is the reason that the governments on the west civilization decided to go to a second lockdown even if they know and are afraid that the economy will collapse and the people financially will start to have big problems. The second lockdown is here and every county has rules that the citizens should follow if we want to be safe and keep alive the hope of getting back to regular life again.


Will the situation be worse than before?

As per the results of the scientists we know that the spread of the virus is much faster than before. So the measurements and the moving restrictions will be worse. We know that the virus killed about 12.000 people in Germany! The virus had a powerful comeback because winter time is here and mostly all the people are being to indoor areas which cause much more victims. The minimum that we can do is to immediately start home office work and avoid visitings to friends and family members, especially the old people in order to protect them also. Lastly, we need to help as much as we can people that they cant move out even for the weekly supermarket needs and arrange a plan that we could bring some food or pills that may be needed.


What can we do to survive for a second time?

The answer to this question may be obvious (follow the government's instructions) but for sure there are small tips that we can do to have a better time indoors. Tips like new online lessons, workouts at home because we need to keep fit our mind and our body and for sure the new coopz version which is made exactly for this situation. This time we know how it is a lockdown and we are prepared Is happening again but now we are experienced on what to expect. During the first lockdown everybody was shocked! No one expected to have such hard restrictions which even don't allow us to move out of our home! Many of our family members or friends or neighbours were depressed after a while. But now we are prepared we know that the communication is the strongest card that we have to play and for that reason you should communicate and use every day calls, video calls and coopz because this will give you a feeling that you can handle this strange position that we are and you will not allow the restriction to play with your mind.


coopz is also better than before! many updates from last time and more pleasant

There is a huge difference between the two lockdowns and the name of this difference is coopz! The platform is a totally different app from the version on the previous lockdown. Many new updates made the platform even more popular and stable. This winter you have a brand new box view to search for interesting people around you and everything is faster! Our team worked very hard to optimise even more the speed of every reaction that you make in order to enjoy the maximum of the coopz experience. Likes and chats are in the game now and you can easier express yourself and approach other users immediately. The general characteristics are also available now and that means that you have another great advantage to identify if you have a match with the person that you are currently visiting.

The vol 2 lockdown is currently active but our shields to survive on this are also active and powerful. The humanity will survive and the good news regarding the vaccine are on the way but until then we will not lose our focus and mind, we will use all our weapons against this psychological crisis of the lockdown and coopz is one of your strongest ones


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