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coopz never stops! As we do every day of this year, we work to bring to you new features that will bring more power to your hands and will help the app to grow more and more. The community is always thirsty for new ideas and new entries on your favorite app. This process is something that is very complicated since there are many things to do in order to deliver fast and great products to you. The process to deliver new features that the community suggests or demands is extremely tough work and becomes even harder when something is new and totally out of the box. This hard work is ready for results again and we are proud to announce that new features are arriving again and we hope that you will enjoy and use them every day. Now let's take a look at what you will be able to use during the next update.


New sorting function

You wanted, you needed and we bring it to you. The new sort function is coming to change the parameters that you watch the user lists. Currently the user list is sorted by default only per distance. That means that you are able to see to the top of the list users that are closer to you in km. From now on you will be able to sort by Interests and by online status. But what does it mean sort by Interests and what sorting by online status? When someone sort by Interest then the greatest matching with the most common interests are appearing to the top of the list. As for the online status, the user is able to sort to the top users that are currently online!. These new entries will be very useful for every coopz user and is sure that you will use them every day.


Blog article linked to profile page

We know that you read our articles every day to thousands of our community members. But who informs you about a new article? For this reason we created a new feature that will keep you updated. On my profile page on next versions a new illustration will appear which will be the cover of every new article. The user will tap on the link and directly will be transferred to your favourite coopz article and you can start to enjoy the latest article. This feature will keep you updated regarding new upcoming features and will let you know useful advice regarding tips of your favorite app.


A brand new concept for notification center & settings

New update, new feature is coming this time for the notification center. After much time of implementation and innovative thinking we are very happy to announce that a new notification center is knocking the coopz door and will let you to personalise even more the notifications settings. From now on every user will get an overlay after 10 minutes of using coopz. After that, the user will be able to change his settings at the area of “My Profile- Personalise your experience" instead of "Notifications". After a tap on “Personalise your experience” an overlay appears again and by clicking in the background or by swiping it down the overlay will close. Now let's take a deeper look at the new overlay and what includes. The overlay includes firstly the page that a user selects from whom want to receive notifications (everyone or people that already liked), secondly another page appearing which has much more options regarding what you should be notified e.g for messages? For likes? Etc. Lastly appearing the page that confirms your settings and then you are ready to enjoy your favourite app under your new options.


New Profile presentation of Interests

By the new version a new surprise is waiting for you! This is regarding the Interests on profile pages. It is sure that many times that you have visited profiles from other users when a user had many interests they could not appear well. The content was so much that it was covering too much space from the profile page. In order to find a solution on this issue our team implemented at the last interest bubble a plus symbol and a number which is related to how many are the rest interest content that this user has. After a simple tap on the bubble the rest interests will appear and you will have a great overview but without an optical overflow visibility issue.


Tooltip content update

We know how useful are the tooltip texts to learn our app and especially for the beginners of our community. Good news for everyone then, the tooltips update and will provide to you a very helpful guide over the new features or function.

As you realise numerous updates are coming again with the new version and we are sure that you will use all of them from the very first day. The coopz team continue to work already for the next update package and be sure that the next update article will be even more interesting. Enjoy the rest of the day and let coopz to make your life even more interesting.

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