Fresh update just arrived - version 2.0.2 is out now


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Updates is a big part of a mobile application. These will ensure that the product will continue to develop and the customers will continue to receive a product that tries to be on the highest level of quality. The updates usually contain bug fixes or new features or a totally new designed version.

2.0.2 Update version on coopz

coopz always try to update a version as soon as possible because this will help the users to enjoy the app to even better conditions than before. We keep the update refresh rate high and this gives an advantage to fix fast any bugs that could appear or to provide fresh ideas to our community. The last update is a great example because we shared new and fresh features that will boost the user experience.

Let's take a look to the following updates:

New liked and created locations should be placed 1st after the "you" radar. With this update the user will identify directly a new entry to the locations area weather from creating a location weather from a location like. This new entry will be always first in the sorting after the “you” radar.

Zoomin to profile pictures

This feature was missing from your favourite app and we implemented that after we listened to our community demands. From now on zoom in the profile pics is possible and you can now see all the details of the pictures as zoom as you want.


Display on created locations the users that are less than 1 km “ < “ far from you

This new entry was implemented because we want to ensure that we protect your privacy but at the same time we give the feeling that a user is very close to you and you can decide if you want to contact him or not.

Indicator % on my profile page to the sections "my photos, q & a , general characteristics"

This indicator will help you to identify how much percentage more you add to your total score in case that you add photos, answers, general characteristics. Higher percentage score unlocks features like more favourites and likes per day.


This will help you to finish faster the registration process and you will also have a better overview of the interest content faster. The user after three selections moves automatically to the next page of interests and the process will be finished very fast.

Report or block users


On the users profile three dots menu to the top left. The menu options will be "report user and block user" by selecting, an overlay asks you if you are sure for the action. This mini side menu will be here to help you more in case of an unpleasant situation. In this case you can now block a user and remove from your view forever on the app or you can report and we will handle the situation very seriously according to your report.

Like every interest and not only the common.

From now on you can like interest from a user profile page generally and not only the common. This will give to you a chance to express more yourself and communicate to the user that you are in contact.


The radar page should not be updated when the user moves from one main navi point to the other.

It is disturbing when after a simple move to update the radar list again and again. For this reason we implemented an intelligent feature that will help you to move around the app with no worries that you need to wait and have long loading times.

Update is uploading...

Generally this update helps you a lot to enjoy the maximum of your favourite social app and it is sure that many others will follow in order to keep you daily activity to the top level. coopz team works day and night to deliver this version and we have all the time our eyes to your feedback messages because this will ensure that we are on the right way of development.

It is time to upload now, see you soon with a new article.

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