How does coopz solve the problem of Social Distancing?


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What is Social Distancing?

The Government in Germany took a decision to cancel all the big sport events and all the music festivals until the month of August, This decision was taken in order to work more intensive measurements and increase the social distancing.

Canceling events create a social distancing among the citizens because we avoid bringing together people all over the country less than 1,5 meter away. Beeing 1,5 meter away from each other we stop the spread of the virus and we ensure that we can continue to live pretty close to our normal life before COVID-19 comes and change everything of our daily routine.

No person could predict this situation but it is real and the social distancing just began. To avoid unpleasant conditions the people can use dating apps which will be a big advantage during the corona virus era

Young people have the main role in this new definition of social contacts. They are the people with the most contacts and they move more than anyone in a city. So they need to use dating apps and they should avoid any unnecessary travel in order to protect their families and the old people general.

Examples of Social Distancing effect are:

  • Working from home instead at the office,
  • Closing schools, Universities and bribgibg the new teaching method, the digital one,
  • Using more and more dating apps because the people feel safe and more comfortable.


How Social Distancing Influences Dating Apps?

Dating apps are rising during the coronavirus days and the reason is simple. The people afraid to get in contact with the other people because of the virus and they prefer to stay home safe and meet new people without thinking that there is a possibility of getting infected. Also another reason that people prefer to use more dating apps is that the government measures avoid someone from getting closer to another and this is something that the people replace it with a digital contact. So in this situation the dating apps get better and better and the users understand this and believe that it is a great opportunity to find an interesting match and with the possibility to meet this interesting person after the measures go away. The dating apps are here and the people recognise that this is the feature and the need to be updated. The dating apps are not something new but it will have a huge impact on the next few days, months, and years.


coopz during the social distancing era

coopz couldn't just step back and just watch the situation that happens around us. coopz has a duty to be updated and must follow the evolution. From the corona virus situation was born the social distancing and coopz is ready for that. The team was good prepared and a version that will break the distance between us is just one sec from your hands. The new version will bring new features that will make you feel like there is no distance (likes, more profile photos, and all the new entries that have been referred to the previous blog article).


Keep the distance and trust coopz

As long as people work together with the scientists who know how to protect citizens of this planet, and all the young people that know the technology - Power of dating apps, the world will be safe and the young people will still continue to search for interesting people and with coopz this is something that can be made fast and easier than any other platform.

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