How does coopz solve the problem of Social Distancing?

Frederik Ventzke

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What is Social Distancing?

Sports events, music festivals and other gatherings are being postponed and the reason for that is to protect the public health. These Measures help stop or slow down the spread of Coronavirus allowing the hospitals to the patients that really need care.

Postpone events that are full of people is an example of social distancing. Social distancing on purpose creates space between people to avoid the virus spreading. Staying at least one and a half meters away from other people decreases your chances of being infected with COVID-19.

Nobody would have wished the coronavirus crisis and its subsequent social distancing mandate into existence, but it's here. Online dating can be a fruitful coping mechanism for some singles.

Young people have such an important role to play in this and taking social distancing seriously can really be the difference in what we are going to see over the next coming weeks. Definitely connecting with people online is the right way to protect yourself and all the people around you.

Examples of Social Distancing effect are:

  • Working from home instead at the office
  • Closing schools, Universities and switching to online teaching hours
  • Visiting loved ones by social apps instead of physical presence and Postponing conferences and large meetings

How Social Distancing Influences Dating Apps?

Social distancing is modifying the way people use dating apps. In many countries, the governments decided that they have to decrease the gatherings in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. More specifically the government’s advice emphasizes the need to avoid social contact where possible, more people are choosing to stay at home. From that moment there has already been a big difference in both the way people approach online dating, and the way that the market approach the clients. This situation forces people to communicate more digitally before meeting in person than they would normally, which could have a mixed effect on the post-quarantine era.

Dating without the possibility of going on an actual date in the near future has actually been a breath of fresh air for some people. Usage of dating apps is getting higher everyday and even people that are not familiar with this kind of apps, joining this phenomenon because it is the only way to continue the natural behavior of getting to know new people.

coopz during the social distancing era

coopz couldn't just step back and just watch the situation that happens around us. coopz has a duty to be updated and must follow the evolution. From the corona virus situation was born the social distancing and coopz is ready for that. The team was good prepared and a version that will break the distance between us is just one sec from your hands. The new version will bring new features that will make you feel like there is no distance (likes, more profile photos, and all the new entries that have been referred to the previous blog article).

Keep the distance and trust coopz

As long as people work together with the scientists who know how to protect citizens of this planet, and all the young people that know the technology - Power of dating apps, the world will be safe and the young people will still continue to search for interesting people and with coopz this is something that can be made fast and easier than any other platform.

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