How coopz will make the winter brighter?


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Summer is gone! and all the people are back from the vacation and the mood usually is not so good. The people getting back and preparing for the new season, whatever that means for every person separately. We are sure that the summer with coopz was exciting, The users used the coopz app more than ever and the connections were much higher than the other seasons. Summer is always the period where everyone is relaxing and is more open for new adventures and new friends. On the other hand, winter is a season that for the biggest part of the planet is a dark period with less sun and less activities because of the weather. According to that, the users also are adopting this dark mood and this is more intense mostly at the beginning of the season. coopz is here to transform this season to something new and interesting. So in order to have a better season you should be well prepared and there is nothing more efficient on this subject than coopz. The majority of the users are moving back at home or moving to new destinations, the common thing in both cases is that you need friends or an interesting person that you could be a partner in the future.

Let's take a look some cases that coopz improves your life:


An always weird comeback after vacation

There is no person on this planet that will disagree with the term unpleasant when we need to define the situation of coming back from the vacation. It is sure that after vacation, most of the people try to plan the next journey and the rest just try to plan and find their rhythm again. coopz is exactly the app for this time. While you come back you generally feel that you should go to work again and to handle all the bills and the rest stress things that appear to everyone's life. coopz is here for you to move away this negative vibe and can help you to find immediately new friends or new interesting people which is sure that they will make you directly feeling better and more prepared to face this tough period

Moving to other cities

A brand new experience is the decision to move to a new city. This becomes harder if you choose to move after the summer and becomes harder because you lose your comfortable sofa and you also lose on same time the free os problems life on summertime. So moving to a new city may be a challenge but coopz is there to introduce the city via the people which is sure that the majority of them are coopz users. For example you could make a fast google research and find the hotspots of the new city and you can go there and by enabling your “you alert” you will be able to filter results and get great matches of interesting people that are definitely suitable for you. Also you can enable this alert service while you go for a pause at work and contact people that they use also the same spot everyday just like you. Last but not least always you can check alerts around you from the super comfortable position of your sofa while coopz neighbors moving around you with common interests and many other common characteristics.


Winter time means bad weather

Winter is coming and we need to forget for some months the sunny days in the parks or lakes and the sweet night in beer gardens. We have to prepare for cold nights and enjoy our night indoor instead of outdoor. But this could be an advantage because you are a coopz user and this can help you even more to identify if in a small indoor place existing people that you are interested in. Location is the name of your big advantage. With locations you have the opportunity to create a location in your favourite place and during the Saturday night you will be notified if people with the same interest are entering and for sure better chances to not waste your time with people that there is no match at all. Also you could create locations without being there and that's the big advantage. Because while you don't need to go out to the cold weather, you are able to see if there is an interesting person that you could possibly connect and then up to your decision you could take your parka Jacket and run for a live and interesting talk.

coopz is an all weather app but coopz is more needed in winter because coopz is made to raise a bad mood and to connect people. Your favourite app is here to help you during all the time that you are searching for a friend or partner and it is sure that if you learn to use the right app, you will receive results that you couldn't imagine. Grab the smartphone and always take care and respect your and the coopz community's privacy.

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