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Locations on coopz is a very important part of the app. The location feature is not one fixed element of the app, but it is a feature that will be in progress as coopz will exist. Currently there are two types of locations, the active location and the created location.

The Radar

The Radar is regarding your current position in real time and real life. Every user can see this type of location feature and directly is able to receive notifications if people with the same interests approach him less than 300 meters from him. Let´s see some interesting scenarios that actually can happen while using the active location.

Case 1: when going for a walk find people who also like tattos?

A 28 year old girl enables the active location feature and goes for a walk at the park. The girl has already chosen the interests from the list which one of them is “Tattoos” The girl after a while receives notification about a 32 year old man who is less than 300 meters away from her and has common interest in”Tattoos”. From that moment these two people can have the opportunity to get in contact and discuss their common interest which in this case is “Tattoos”.

Case 2: i like Graffiti!

A 28 year old man enables his active location while he is at work. The man during his work break is going to his favourite snack store to order his usual meal. The man has already assign as an interest the word “Graffiti”. In same time a woman 23 year old is entering on same store and she has also assigned as interest the word “Graffiti”. At that moment the man receives a notification about the woman that has a Graffiti interest and both are ready to know each other in real time and real life.

Case 3: alone in the gym again?

A 34 year old woman enables her active location while she is going to the fitness studio. The woman has already assigned as an interest the word “Bio food” A 42 year old man join on same time the same fitness studio and he has also assigned the interest “Bio food”. Both of them started to do the daily exercises and the woman receives notification that the man has also interest regarding the “Bio food”. The woman started to communicate with the man about the common interest and a great discussion just began.


Create location is regarding favourite locations that you want to be updated about coopzers that are joined to the place. Locations can be created from the radar page with a simple tap on the plus button. Afterwards you can easily add your favourite bar or restaurant or openair area that is referred to on google maps and the location and your hashtag has been created! From now on the hashtag with your favourite spot in town will be public on your profile page and with just an easy tap on the hashtag, a stranger or a friend will participate in your place. You and the participants will be notified every time that a coopzer participant enters this place. Also by the time that a user like your hashtag, automatically will mirror the hashtag on his profile and the location will be shown from now on to his created locations also!

When the user likes a location and wants to remove it, there are two options: 1st delete through the radar page and 2nd you can always unlike the location from the owner user of the location. Is very important also to know that while a user which is a location owner delete a location, then this location will be removed from every user that liked this specific location. As you understand Locations is a very intelligent function that can very easy change you life
in some seconds! So don't waste any other time and start to create your locations!

Now it's time to present some cases about location and the impact to our lives.

Case 1: i love the gin in this bar!

A 25 year old woman creates a location regarding her favourite bar and publishes it to her profile page with the hashtag the name of the bar. A 26 year old man visits her profile and after he understands that he is interested in her. He likes her hashtag and from that moment the hashtag is on his profile and the location on his created locations section. The woman now has been informed about the man’s action and she can now be notified if he will visit her favourite place also. On weekends the woman visits the bar and the man is being notified about her presence and he is directly visiting the place also. The woman gets notification and after some chat they start to know each other in real time.

Case 2: a park i like to be in

A 32 year old man creates a location on his favourite park and makes it public via his profile page on coopz. A 32 year old woman after a match on her search, visit the profile of the man and she likes the hashtag. After a week both of them visit the park and both receive notifications about their presence on the park. The man likes a photo of her profile and after a quick chat they meet in the middle of the park and continue a walk together.

Case 3: this Restaurant´s is my favourite place

A 46 year old man creates a location about a restaurant that he visits often. The location became a public hashtag and all the coopzers could take a look at it. A 40 year old woman after a search visits the man’s profile and realizes that the name on the hashtag is her favourite restaurant also!

The woman likes the hashtag and starts to communicate with the man why she loves this restaurant and after a while the man invites her for dinner. After some days both were on time at the restaurant and a hashtag transformed to a dinner via coopz.

Locations as you understand is a tool that could make you easy and fast very popular and keeps you updated about your favourite cities regarding the entering of coopzers. Don't waste time and create your Locations now.

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