We've hit 50k users - how the coopz community became so big?


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An online community is the backbone of every online platform that has users which react to each other via the platform functions and the benefits that are provided to them. The size of the online community is totally relative to the size of the company in general and the impact to the market. The market rules are defined from the investment opportunities and these always choose platforms that have a strong amount of user groups which later with a much more offensive marketing strategy could transform these groups to huge communities.

How can an online community be built?

An online community is alway difficult to build at the beginning. The start is always difficult and the app is unknown and usually since the popularity is low the users are not trusting to join the app and so there is no recommendation between them. A way to approach users and build a community is advertising. There are many ways to advertise an social dating application, the most easy way is to start a campaign via the play store and your application will be boosted to the top charts and the user will have always an eye contact of the application and so the download will be increased at once. Another way to advertise your app and get more users in order to increase your community is to start a campaign with instagram influencers. The influencers are always a great way to communicate your product but you have to be careful and pick the most suitable to your product.


But what can you do for your app if you don't have a big budget for advertising?

There are many things to do to keep the current community alive and expand the whole group via your current users. Below we will unfold how coopz did it at the very beginning.


Newsletter is a tool which proved that users react ! The author of the newsletter has a goal to achieve actions from the community members. Usually the author communicates new features or new functions which are for sure needful from the users. By the time that a user receives the email directly the structure of the letter guides him to press links and focus by images or bold letters to the new updates. This is a way to wake up users that didn't use the app so often or didn't use at all.

Push notifications

This technique is very popular on our days. The push notifications appear at the top of the screen and directly the user after a simple tap is being directed to the message centre and what's not only a pleasant message from the application team but (forces) the user to check what he missed all the time that did not enter in the app.


Feedback feedback feedback. Always the apps looking for positive feedback and especially to the store! Positive reviews and high ratings are at the top of the list if you want to make your app popular and expand your community. For this reason always ask for feedback in all cases (Push notifications, Newsletter and generally to every communication form)

Content quality

After the registration the user will land to the main screen of the app. Imagine if you go live in a restaurant with a very bad interior design, the result probably will be to run away! Exactly the same counts for the app design. The users should feel very comfortable with the pictures, the elements of the app and also should see that the app presents beautifully the content of the rest of the users. This will ensure that the new users will give a chance to your app and will explore every corner of the app.


Continuous updates are always bringing fresh air to the community members. They are the major subject of discussion and for sure new and innovative updates are making the app more intelligent or beautiful and the result is to attract more users and make your community happier.


One of the most important things in an application is the performance! This is the big difference between a good quality app and a bad quality app. On the coopz team we know this very well and that is why we focus so much on the performance of our app. The speed and the accuracy in the app features is what shapes the user experience and makes the users recommend an app or not.



In an application like coopz the users are hurrying up to create connections and be part of the “game” immediately. On flirt apps the users need to have instantly options to approach other users. Options like chat, favourites, likes and many other features are the main menu of a successful flirt app. So the key is to guide and give the option to the user to move very fast and be connected with the rest of the community members. This is the best way to get free advertisement from the users by telling personal stories full of happiness.

These were the main steps that we followed and these are the steps that a new app should follow at the beginning. coopz community is growing every day and we as the coopz team promise that we will always be here for support and update your experience.

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